No Agenda

There are three big Hindu Deities that sort of "lead the way" for all of the other Gods - Brahma the creator, and Shiva the destroyer, and then there's Vishnu. Vishnu is all about the moment of now. He is not creating anything, he's not destroying anything -  he just is. He loves to bring balance to the moment, particularly balancing out evil in the world. You can find Vishnu inside of you at this very moment, as you take a breath and the notice the pause - that little space between inhaling and exhaling or that little space between exhaling and inhaling. That's it - that little pause, that moment of now, the just be.

How else can this show up for us in our life and particularly on our yoga mat? In class, I've been encouraging participants to approach each moment with a fresh attitude, one that let's go of the idea that there is an agenda, or a plan, or a syllabus - one that invites the moment of now to show up exactly as it needs to be.