Mars Retrograde

Mars moved retrograde yesterday, and there's a full moon tonight. These two events are pretty big in the astrology world, particularly the Mars Retrograde thing - it only happens every 2.5 years, and can spend just a few weeks there or it can spend months there. This time around, it's spending months there - we'll be in this Mars Retrograde until September 2018. 

As I've been chatting with people this week and mentioning the effects of Mars retrograde, it just seems so apparent to me - and other people are picking up on it too! Some of the uninformed reactions to this astrological event include super aggressive attitudes, a quickness to anger, a kind of "F U" attitude in general. It's real possible for us to just hook into that, and go with it - and if you've already done that, I don't really blame you... it's a powerful feeling! However, I've been trying to approach it a little differently, by focusing in this week on grounding down - rooting into the legs, and really feeling stable and secure before making any moves. Like, take a breath before you act or speak. Survey the situation - use the warrior energy for good! Not just like crazy, run onto the field with a spear in a fit of rage, but like focus in, look at some maps, get grounded, make some plans - and then fight your battle. It's so easy to get caught up in the small aggressions of everyday life - someone cuts you off in traffic, or the barista makes your drink wrong... don't waste your warrior spirit on these small things, save it up for the big stuff - like fighting for equal rights, or social justice! 

You'll get to decide what you want to use your warrior energy on, and remember - you can't really inflict change or fight the good fight unless you're rooted and taking care of yourself. As it gets on into summer, and temperatures are hitting the 90's, take some time to cool off. Deep breaths, chilling out in a cooled space, or if you're in Ithaca spend time out at a waterfall! 

Rachel VerValinComment