Yum, the sun's a mango!

After a ridiculous amount of days without the sun here in Ithaca (like 18 I think...) and temperatures barely above freezing, the last three days are finally showing us some blue skies and warmer temps! I play softball in the summer, and we had a very first practice for the season this past Sunday under sunny skies and 60 degrees. Driving over to the field I felt stiff, and just kind of... crusty. Putting on the cleats, dusting off the glove, checking out the bats - all felt a little surreal. Then, I was playing catch. Slow at first, then a little quicker - the ball snapping into my glove, then passed to the right to be thrown across the field. With each throw, I felt more alive. I know it might sound silly - as a yoga teacher, I am well aware of my body, however this was different. It was something I hadn't felt in a long time, and it felt SO good! It felt fresh and clean, playful - even innocent. 

I was reminded of another Hanuman story from when he is just a baby monkey god. He wakes up in the morning hungry (I feel you dude, me too...) and looks out the window. Upon noticing the sun, he innocently thinks it is a very ripe, delicious mango, and decides to try to eat it in his childlike wonder. I can just imagine those moments - and we've all had them - where Hanuman felt fresh and new and innocent on his quest. I invite you to look around and try to embrace that feeling as you explore into Spring and all of the wonder that comes with it.     


Rachel VerValinComment