Perseverance & Persistance

Everywhere I look lately, it seems there's a common theme - a common feeling tone, if you will - of hurry up Spring! Of course here in Ithaca (where it's still super rainy and a bit cold for the season), and also all my social medias - I'm only on Instagram & FB ;) - seem riddled with wishes of something else. Something warmer. Something sunnier. Something more... beach like! 

Now, I'm thinking my Costa Rican friends are continuing to live the dream down there (takes a pause, looks out at the rain, wonders why she's not living in CR... haha), and I'm sure there are a few souls that like this kind of weather. Like I said, this is an overall vibe that I'm picking up on. And it got me thinking. I've been picking a new Hindu Deity to talk/teach about each month - in an effort to connect my students with some of the deeper aspects of yoga philosophy that I find to be really influential - and this month is the monkey god Hanuman.

Hanuman has some crazy stories! Most of them revolve around his love for Rama and Sita, and his deep devotion to them. In one of the stories, Rama's brother gets injured in battle and is dying, so Rama asks Hanuman to find this special herb that can save his brother's life. Hanuman immediately begins the quest to find this special herb. He has no idea what he is looking for, or even where to look frankly, but he keeps going. He keeps persisting, knowing that the magic is right around the corner, it has to be out here somewhere! 

He comes across this mountain, and notices that it is lush and beautiful - it's full of herbs! Now, which one is the cure for the brother's woes? Hanuman has no idea, and also he wants to complete his mission, he wants to save his friend - so he uses his powers and gets really big again (read more about the another time when he got big in my post "hidden strength") He picks up the whole mountain and brings it to Rama, who then saves the brothers life. 

The lesson I'm taking from Hanuman this rainy day is to keep going - keep trying - keep persisting and persevering. Even if you feel a giant mountain is in your way, return back to your breath and notice your inner strength. 

Here's to sunnier skies soon Ithaca!