I was reminded (again) today that it is ok to fail.

I was also told this little tidbit - which I absolutely love:

"Please take my advice, I'm not using it." ;)

In every yoga class that I teach, as the participants grit their teeth and clench their jaws and scrunch their toes and muscle into the poses, I ask them "what would happen if you fail? Truly. What would happen if, at this moment, you are not able to do the pose to the level you *think* you should, and instead you meet yourself where you are. You embrace the current moment, for all of it's glory and 'failure'." And as I watch, I see a softening occur. The breath deepens. A smile touches the corners of the face, the hairline and temples relax. You see, it is not really a failure, more of a learning about ourselves moment - how will we react when faced with 'failure' - can we continue to feel love and be love and spread love.

I had set off with lofty goals for the summer, and as we are now approaching August(!) I can definitely take a look back and think - wow, I have really failed at these goals. And this is where I have been for the past month or so. Now, from an outsiders perspective, I haven't failed at all! A successful yoga retreat a few weekends ago, lots of breakthroughs, an awesome live music yoga class that I taught, connections being formed, bonds being created, truly enjoying the summer :) And yet I have been in this place of feeling like "BUT you didn't get x, y, z completed so..."

So. That's just it. So. I'm taking back my power. I will not be paralyzed by the fear of 'failure' - Every new moment, every new breath, is just that - NEW! A chance to grab the reigns and move forward at the pace I choose, noticing how each moment effects the next. To ride the wave of inhale and exhale, to chose to be present with the 'failures' I have - to always choose love over fear.


Look at all these happy yogi's after our live music class with Ley Line on July 26!  

Look at all these happy yogi's after our live music class with Ley Line on July 26!  

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