Like attracts Like

I was never one to believe right away - I, in fact, prided myself on not being guiable - that was always my sister Kelli's role ;) When I began practicing yoga, there were a lot of things that I didn't "believe in" at first... like om-ing. I thought the om at the end of class was soooo cheesy and weird. Another thing that I didn't love was savasana - "ugh," I would think, "we just have to LAY here? What a waste of time!" And, in all honesty, I still have trouble lying still sometimes, even after 14 years of practicing savasana! 

What I've discovered for myself over time is that I need to do the things that I know will make me feel better - even if I don't want to - instead of falling back into habit of things that won't. And I've just figured out that, for me, those things are: practicing yoga, meditating, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, hiking in the woods, lying in the sun, snuggling with my animals, and surrounding myself with people that are positive and up lifting. As I've invited these things into my life, other things that weren't so desirable began to fall to the side - relationships that weren't fulfilling, habits that I didn't enjoy, and even feelings of self-doubt and negativity that I had towards myself. I began to notice that as I chose to surround myself with inspiration, I then became inspired. Chose to be around people that are kind, I started to be kinder, to love more. Find people that are enchanted with life, and I became enchanted. Of course, it's a process - as my lovely Healthy Aging yoga student Martha says "We call that L-I-F-E, life" - and it's nice to have the evidence in my own life that the law of attraction is a real thing. I hope you are able to find these things for yourself, and enjoy this crazy journey.