Beginner's Mind

I've mentioned it in class before, it's in my bio for Mighty Yoga, and sometimes I feel it breathing down the back of my neck - I'm a "recovering" type-A perfectionist. I've been thinking about this a lot lately in relation to teaching yoga and keeping in touch with those of you who have left Ithaca - I miss you guys! I love making personal connections with people, sharing this awesome practice of yoga with y'all, and I've got some really cool stuff happening that I want to keep you up to date on. I've been thinking, and processing, and trying to figure it out... trying to make it "perfect" - trying to become "an expert" before I put myself out there. And then I was reminded of this Suzuki quote, one of my favorites:  

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." - Suzuki

So powerful. Beginner's Mind. You do NOT need to know all of the things, all of the time, nor do you need to be doing all of the things at 110% all of the time!

That's what we call burn out ;)

I've created a plan - and I'm really hoping it works - AND it might not. And I'm ok with that! A huge lesson for me in yoga has been to meet myself and my students where we are, on that day, in that moment. I might head to class thinking "ok, I'm going to teach this sequence, in this particular way" and then I get to class, center on the breathe, we begin to move, I read the room and... Listen. Observe. Be in the moment. All the planning goes out the window. So, I am going to try to stick with my plan: keep this blog updated with my weekly yoga themes, yoga tips, inspirations, etc, along with keeping my HeartThreadYoga Instagram account updated, and I've also created a Facebook group where we can all share in our journey together. I'm putting it out there, and we will see what happens. I got some great advice last week: There is no such thing as perfection, so it's useless to strive for perfection. Instead, try for excellence in that moment." 

Thanks for coming along with me on the ride - growing, learning, living!

Much love - xoxo