Energy Healing

Chakra balancing * Chord Clearing/Cutting * energetic cleansing * reiki

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“I wanted to thank you again for the energy work you offered. i wish i had shared more with you about the experience and what unfolded in the days to follow - needless to say, my mind has been blown, and i am so grateful to you, and for you.” - Jaime, Costa Rica - january 2019

Many of my clients have deeply transformational and healing experiences in their first session - it’s powerful and personal work, that has a lasting impact. Each person will have a totally unique experience, and no two sessions will ever be the same.

So, what is energy healing? I like to think of my sessions as nervous system restoration.

We are almost constantly being bombarded with other people’s energies - their hopes, dreams, expectations. And, I hope we can agree that energy is a real thing. For example, when you walk into a room and the energy feels weird, or you just get “a feeling” about a situation - this is your intuition and nervous system picking up on the subtle energies that are being emitted. Now, imagine that you’ve been absorbing that stuff your whole life, and have never had the opportunity to release, discharge, or transfer that energy out of your body. It can get stuck - it can show up as anxiety, depression, insomnia, general lack of caring or listlessness, feeling burnt out for no reason, and feelings of overwhelm (to name a few).

During an energy healing session we will work with the chakra system to release anything that no longer serves you. This can include healing past trauma, stuck emotions, releasing old patterns, and letting go of things that you didn’t even realize you were still holding onto. The way the treatments will effect each person are infinite - and one of the amazing things to witness.

All sessions are confidential, between you and me.

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energy & Chakra Balancing - $100

This module is great for people who don’t know where to begin, or are looking for a general overall energy restoration.

I work with the different energy levels within your body to rebalance through the Chakra system, using different tools including: a pendulum, stones/crystals, reiki, palo santo, sage, oracle cards, intuitive hands on healing, and sound healing.

Benefits of this treatment are many, and include: help with insomnia, better sleep patterns, an overall lightness in the body, a feeling of deep relaxation, a release of unwanted or stuck energy, release of anxiety, and a general feeling of well being.

The session is 90 minutes, and includes a time for setting an intention, and time after the session to talk about ways to help keep the Chakras in balance, with a take home sheet of personalized suggestions for you based on our session.

It is my belief that you will release what needs to go and what you are ready to release. You will heal what needs to be healed at the time, and begin to develop an innate trust in your body, mind, spirit, and soul.

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chord clearing / cutting - $140

Chord clearing/cutting is deeper work, and more specific. The Chakra balancing is an overall general rebalancing, whereas in this module I work with the client to release the energy no longer needed that is intertwined with a very specific person. This can be anyone you’ve ever met, because as soon as we meet someone there is an energetic connection established. Some are obviously deeper than others - the barista at the coffee shop is most likely going to have a lighter energetic connection than one of your parents or a sibling. It’s an untangling of the client’s energy and the energy of that specific person, releasing them from each other.

The release of energy is accessed through the Chakra system, and uses the same tools as the general balancing. Depending on how deeply the chords are entangled, the session will be 90 minutes - 2 hours, and includes a time for setting an intention and aftercare for you. I will need to know the name of the person we are releasing, however I would prefer to not know the relationship you have/had with that person until after the session (if it all). Chord clearing/cutting can be with anyone, alive or passed.

Reiki - 30min $40 + 45min $60 + 60min $75

If you are looking for a lighter form of energy healing work, Reiki might be for you! Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered with healing touch, and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.



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